Wine – how much more than just a drink? An exercise in heretical thought.


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  3. Hi Robert,

    Brilliant post, still relevant in 2012. Two points I'd throw in from my decidedly under informed point of view.

    1, I do think the internet has & continues to change every previous given in the book (is n't it wonderful?). Its evolutionary influence on consumerism is certainly chaotic & unpredictable, but always seems to me to be ultimately positive (witness the – in my opinion – healthy rediscovery by all and sundry of old music/movies & more).

    2, I can't speak for elsewhere, but in the UK I still feel the elephant in the wine room is that most people – from all social groups – still primarily use all alcoholic drinks as a means of transport from A to B, meaning sober to drunk. I enjoy a cocktail or fizz before a meal but drink wine more or less exclusively with food & still feel unusual in doing so. I enjoy inebriation as much as the next but it's difficult to focus on wine benefits in the UK when so many have such a simple reason for using it.

    Love the post anyway.


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