Monthly Archives: April 2012

Being unique – at the LIWF

First some history. Just under a year ago, I was asked to give a talk to around three dozen New World representatives on the eve of the London International Wine Fair. During the course of my presentation, I asked them anonymously to write down on a piece of paper a sentence describing what was unique […]

Hand of God – Chilling thoughts about Domaine des Baumard and the INAO

What does Giovanni Antonio Canal (AKA Canaletto) have in common with Jean Baumard, the Loire wine producer? Both believe in the use of technology as being legitimate to their artistry. The Italian painter famously took advantage of a Camera Obscura to help him sketch his pictures, while the Frenchman favours cryoextraction in the production of […]

The Luxury of Distribution

Spot the odd man out: Château Latour, McDonalds, Nespresso and Hermes. All of these are luxuries (yes, even the burgers and the coffee if you use the dictionary definition of luxury as something that is “inessential but conducive to pleasure”), but three of the brand owners share a philosophy of how and where they like […]

RIP EP? Latour leaves En Primeur

Once there was a sad little boy with a football but no one to play with. So, he went to the park with his ball and started kicking it around for a little while. Soon enough, a few other boys joined him and they all began to play a casual game. Some of the bigger […]

Naturally stark raving mad

I’m honest. What about you? I’m also clean. Can you say the same? And polite. And modest, of course. Or should I have said ‘naturally’?. As for the wines I’m involved with making and most of the wines I’ve ever enjoyed drinking – well, they’re all regrettably unnatural. And inauthentic. Or maybe, to be a […]

Time for a change… from varietals to blends

Once, there were ‘quality’ wines with regional identities such as Chablis, Rioja and Chianti and cheap blended wines such as Mateus, Blue Nun and Wild Duck, not forgetting the emphatically non-regional Gallo Hearty Burgundy… Then, in the 1970s and 1980s, the focus was shifted – largely by New World producers, with the enthusiastic support of […]

Nonsense about Pinterest & Twitter (a picture worth 140 characters?)

“Pinterest already a third as big as Twitter”… “Pinterest to be bigger than Twitter in less than a couple of years”… “Last month, Facebook had more than 7 billion total visitors; Twitter had 182 million; and Pinterest had 104 million total visits from people in the United States, according to data sent to CNN by […]