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Thoughts from Day 2 of the London International Wine Fair

First things first: despite being smaller in size and – seemingly – audience, the London International Wine Fair was a busier event than I and many others expected. Some exhibitors said they had had a very good couple of days, though, worryingly for the organisers, so did some producers who exhibited last year and merely […]

The irrelevance of the country and region of origin of a wine (to most people)

The following post is a slightly amended version of one I posted yesterday headed “The irrelevance of terroir (to most people).” ┬áMany of the nearly 1000 readers took the reference to “terroir” very literally, so I’m reposting it here, replacing that term with “origin” or similar and put all of these in italics. I think […]

The irrelevance of terroir (to most people)

How much do you care about terroir? How much does anyone really care about terroir? Now, just to make sure we are talking about the same thing, my definition of ‘terroir’ includes the soil, aspect, altitude and microclimate that all essentially contribute to individuality. And, if we agree on that, I know for a fact […]

Why ask why? (an offering from Seth Godin’s Blog)

Why ask Why? “Why?” is the most important question, not asked nearly enough.Hint: “Because I said so,” is not a valid answer. Why does it work this way? Why is that our goal? Why did you say no? Why are we treating people differently? Why is this our policy? Why don’t we enter this market? […]

Looking back… four decades of vinous evolution

An adapted version of a piece written for the 500th edition of Delwine in India) I have to pinch myself sometimes to think that I can remember when colour televisions, calculators and mobile phones and even fax machines were all expensive novelties that I used to admire in the homes of other, wealthier or simply […]

Which wine brands do YOU most admire – your chance to argue with the Drinks Intl list

Drinks International’s Top 50 Most Admired Wine Brands, selected by “Sixty members of the global wine community… including Peter McCombie MW, Peter Marks MW, Tuomas Meriluoto MW, Kym Milne MW and Lynne Sherriff MW.” It’s always fun to pick holes in lists like this – that’s what they’re for. This one feels a bit tired, […]

Let’s talk dirty… Thoughts on the real economics of wine

My most recent post bemoaning the lack of innovation among wine producers attracted a number of responses that seemed to imply that there is no real need to do anything new. Or that experimentation is intrinsically somehow undesirable. For one person, “non-traditional varieties, new barriques, cement tanks, or open ferments…are all reinventions that go in […]