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When is a wine not a wine?

Timmermans, Lindemans, Melville’s, Hoopers, Carling Chrome, Jacques, Rekorderlig, Kopparberg, Lambrini, Brothers…. What do all of these have in common? They’re all beers or ciders that owe some of their flavour to the addition of one or other kind of fruit. Some of these, like Timmermans cherry-flavoured Kriek, have a history stretching back to 1781; Lindemans, […]

Selling wine in China

If you are interested in selling wine in China, take the time to read this useful set of tips from Australian business review BRW

If only all builders were this speedy….

How long did it take your builders to install a new kitchen – or paint your living room? Now take a look at what a Chinese company managed to achieve in a couple of weeks….

Ideal gift for the man who has everything?

Ever feel that progress is going too far, too fast..? Well, here’s a little retro notion that might take your fancy… The video shows how it actually works