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For anyone, interested in such things, buyers at Hong Kong auctions in November established the relative value of a bottle of 2005 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. In fact, at around $18,250 or so, it’s worth just over a third of the cost of a Damien Hirst-decorated Fender Stratocaster or a fifty-third of that of a […]

Time for serious fine wine companies to stand up and be counted?

Sometimes it’s all a matter of timing. A scant 24 hours after reading of the collapse of wine investment firm, Vinance, with expected losses of at least £25m, I received an email from Moneyworld promoting a business called Cult Wines, who in their turn, are offering a “free wine investment guide” Now, as regular readers […]

More is less… (with thanks to Hugh MacLeod of Gapingvoid)

Hugh MacLeod, the cartoonist and blogger and creator of gapingvoid just posted this… Very much in line with a couple of my own – less concise – efforts which can be found here and here  Flavors of Ice Cream Buy This Print     This is another riff on the Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz’s great book, he wrote in […]

Food & Wine Matching in China. Worth pursuing? Or a waste of time?

A piece written for Meininger’s Wine Business International Image of Chinese dinner courtesy of “We like the game…” She had no way of knowing it, but my young Chinese friend had just come up with one of the best and most elegant responses to the question of food-and-wine-matching. Her position at the heart of […]

Why we haven’t got closures right yet… A follow-up

  Nomacorks and screwcaps on the same brand… Given the responses I’ve had to my previous post, I should perhaps make the point that my interest in this subject is not academic or hypothetical. I have a dog in this race. Or several dogs to be precise. The Le Grand Noir wines of which I […]

Life in black and white: thoughts on corks, screwcaps and alternatives

I hate corks    Are you saying that you really want to unscrew a bottle of la Tache? No, actually I don’t think that screwcaps are the answer.    But you say you don’t like corks… Yes, I hate the unreliability of corks and I don’t believe that screwcaps – however reliable – are really […]