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The relative sizes of the appellations of Bordeaux

All too often people talk about the top chateaux of Bordeaux – the Crus Classés, Pomerols and a few Crus Bourgeois – as though they were synonymous with Bordeaux as a wine region. These infographics reveal just how small a part those estates really play – in terms of their size at least. (The source […]

Big can be beautiful too… (And small can sometimes be very ugly…)

“We don’t use big brands in our tastings!!” The use of two exclamation marks by a “leading European wine education specialist” in a recent Facebook thread was obviously a stylistic tic – and very much in keeping with his views on what he collectively wrote off as “bulk commercial, very average quality wines!”. He went […]

Is supermarket wine discounting really the problem in the UK?

According to some, the only problem confronting the UK wine trade is the keenness of the supermarkets on half-price wine deals. Of course, those don’t help, but I sometimes wonder if the naval-gazing folk who make those comments wander through life wearing blinkers. On the offchance that this is the case, I took a few pictures with […]

Natalie Maclean – the gift that keeps on giving

Natalie Maclean – whom I will henceforth refer to as NMA (for reasons that will become clear), is a pre-Christmas gift that keeps on giving.For anyone outside the incestuous wine writing loop, here’s a reminder.1) she is accused by Palate Press of plagiarizing other critics’ words – by cutting and pasting them from the Liquor Control […]

More on super-natural wines? (You couldn’t make it up – though I did try!)

Following my last post I now realise (after reading this Huffington Post article) that I omitted an essential element from the Super-Natural winemaking process. I sincerely apologize for this and will take every pain to ensure that no such lapse occurs again. Mike Hayes, Naked Winemaking Enthusiast, Plans To Carry Out Full Moon Harvesting Ritual The […]

This year’s Christmas Letter to anyone who cares

Well it’s been a very interesting year for us – especially given our varied range of activities in the wine world. Obviously Christmas won’t be quite the same without cousin Rudy, but he sent us a very nice-looking bottle of Burgundy to enjoy with the turkey. And on the bright side we can celebrate the […]

Succession Planning – Thoughts on the sale of Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

Robert Parker references in Beijing wine shop The news that Robert Parker Jnr is a) to sell a “substantial” share of the Wine Advocate to a trio of young Singaporeans; b) hand over day-to-day management to Lisa Perrotti Brown; c) switch from print to online and d) allow the publication (of which he remains CEO) […]