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In a world replete with personal, political and professional complications and complexities, most of us choose the knots we like to unravel. I have friends who delight in the minutiae of Burgundy vineyards but could not care a jot about the quality of their hi-fi – or the source of their tea or coffee. I […]

Wine & sex – personal points of view

Take a good look at the image – a Rorschach blot – ¬†above. What does it make you think of? Scroll down to see what experts expect you to have said Apparently, other people very frequently look at it and say that it puts them in mind of sex. Now look at the image below… […]

Peer Pressure – why wine in the UK is nothing like skiing

Skiing on the cheap in Bulgaria ¬† “Burning City” and “Dragon” – super new bargain skis from China* It’s that time of the year again. Time for millions of middle-class Brits to dig out their thermals and take to the slopes. Some, I’m sure, will be heading for the resorts of Bansko, Borovets or Pamporovo […]