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Why the Chinese wine market is like Wi-Fi, TomTom and a precocious teenager

Bordeaux bottles on poster at the Chengdu Wine Fair 2013 “China isn’t easy”; “It’s a tough market…”; “Taking a long time to get really going”; “China hasn’t developed a wine culture yet…” Over the last few weeks, in France, the US and at ProWein and the Chengdu wine exhibition, I have heard a number of […]

The history of Bordeaux en primeur

Following up my post on Madness in Bordeaux… I hesitate to give a Bordelais negociant a history lesson, but when Patrick Bernard of Millesima suggests that  “For over two centuries, the Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés sell their harvest en primeur, in springtime, to the Bordeaux Negociants.” I don’t think he’s being strictly accurate. The modern […]

It’s a mad, mad, mad world (in Bordeaux)

“What Latour did last year was madness” I’m not sure what qualifications Patrick Bernard, founder of Bordeaux negociants Millésima may have to diagnose mental illness, but I’m not rushing to recommend him as a psychiatrist.  Let’s analyse precisely what Latour did in fact do last year. It – it the form of director Frederic Engerer – […]

Because You’re Worth It

A slightly amended version of a piece that originally appeared on Two strangers, a man and woman meet at a cocktail party. The man turns to the woman and says, I’ve got a hypothetical question for you. The woman, whose curiosity has been piqued, says “OK ask away…” “If a reasonable-looking man you don’t know […]

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