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Brief thoughts about Vinexpo

In response to a few requests, here are a few brief thoughts about – and images of – last week’s Vinexpo.Before doing that, however, maybe it’s worth my providing a little personal background – and some context (please do feel free to skip this bit). I’ve been going to Vinexpo for so long that I […]

Frightening travel facts

1)  There is a one in 253 likelihood that the hotel bed you are going to sleep in tonight still has the sheets that were slept in by the previous occupant. Astonishingly, the chances of this happening are far higher in 3* and 4* hotels than in motel chains. 2) There is a one in […]

Requiem for Slurp. What lessons do the collapse of a glitzy online wine retail website have for UK independents..?

Slurp’s current listing on Google A couple of years ago, I carried out a little research among UK independent wine retailers asking them what concerned them most in terms of competition. The most widespread fear at the time seemed to lie in the form of one company: A pure-online business with ambitions to offer […]

The parallel universe of wine

(in which there is an Empress of Wine.) A column that previously appeared on . The most influential voice in the parallel wine world is Roberta Parker who regularly appears on television demonstrating how to choose wines to go with particular dishes, how to serve them, how to prepare wine cocktails, what to do […]

The madmen who hold the strings of the French wine industry

. Professeur Reynaud trying to hold back the waves of social media These are busy times for the lunatic fringes of the French wine industry. First, there is the revival of the 2009 plan to ban the blending of red and white to make rosé anywhere in Europe. (Apart from Champagne, presumably). Then there was […]

worst wine ad?

Is this the worst wine ad you’ve seen in a while – from a June 2013 Portuguese wine magazine? Or can you offer something worse?

Twitter’s new baby – Vine – and a novel way to promote (or explain) wine

If you haven’t seen it, you might be interested to see this brief presentation on how to use Twitter’s new baby – Vine – to market wine. The hashtag #wineonvine was too good to miss