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Good use of twitter by a restaurant #1

Byron Hamburgers uses social media skilfully… Showing that they’re listening, but not being pushy/intrusive.

You can’t be slightly pregnant, but you CAN be slightly corked…

This morning, I received this email and attached note (from a big UK importer) to a blog post in which I referred to subtle variations caused by low-level TCA. The highlighting is all mine. Hi Robert – I hope you’re well. It’s been a while since we met or spoke. I thought you’d be interested […]

Fruits, Newts & Cutes – a vision of the modern wine industry

A piece of whimsy that was written for, and previously published on In the Wine And Novelty Corp. boardroom, the atmosphere was tense. Behind Warner Biggereturne III, the company president, the chart on the electronic whiteboard said it all: wine division sales had dropped for the third consecutive quarter. Worse still, so had profits. […]

Scientific breakthrough: UK wine trade cuts costs of winemaking,

Across the globe, winemakers, brewers and distillers have been pouring into the UK to discover the secret of how not only to cut, but actually to eliminate, the costs of making, packaging and shipping their products. The background to this breakthrough was revealed in a May 2013 Parliamentary briefing document which said In July 2010 the Home […]

Thou shalt not destroy wine: thoughts on Treasury Wine Estate’s plight in the US

The horror, the horror… Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is reportedly about to destroy US$146m (AU$160m) of  “excess, aged and deteriorating” wine in the US. Actually, the story is a little more complex than that. According to a piece in the Herald Sun newspaper in Australia (who also produced the graphic below) the “cost” of the […]

A great post about online critics from PetaPixel

The following blog was posted by PetaPixel and offers a useful corrective to the notion that consumers are “better” or more “valid” critics than the pros. On the other hand, before the pros get too cocky, there are plenty of examples of them getting it wrong too…Addendum: And then of course, you might feel that the […]

JK Rowling, Robert Galbraith and the trouble with blind tasting.

The way it was… Robert Galbraith – or JK Rowling as we should now call “him” – wrote a very good thriller. The sleuth, Cormoran Strike, was, according to critic Mark Billingham, “one of the most unique and compelling detectives I’ve come across in years”.  Another reader – Val McDermid, author of  The Wire In The […]