Monthly Archives: September 2013

The death of the 1855 Classification

WARNING. The following piece of writing contains whimsy. It originally appeared on, where other similarly whimsy-tainted pieces I have written may also be found. To understand how, in 2014, one man with a grudge managed to bring down some of the highest and mightiest in Bordeaux, you have to know a little about the background. The […]

Brief thoughts on the Beautiful South

South Africa’s, Chile’s and Argentina’s giant Southern Hemisphere tasting in London (yesterday and today) was fascinatingly illustrative of wine in the UK in 2013. On the (very) positive side, there were over 350 exhibiting producers, many represented by a winemaker or a representative from the winery. This was particularly welcome as the number of these […]

Other people’s fantasies (a follow up to my post on wine-on-TV)

So, you’ve won the lottery. How are you going to spend the cash? Most people’s answers unsurprisingly include new homes – often for loved ones as well as themselves – cars, boats and planes. Travel features too, wrapped up in dreams of sleeping in vast hotel beds and eating and drinking in the world’s finest […]

Asking the wrong question – why we don’t need more TV programmes about wine

Work in progress – the greatfoodandwinesites site “Why aren’t there more wine programmes on television?” It’s a question/complaint (questioplaint?) that hangs around conversations among wine professionals and enthusiasts, along with its pals “We need more wine education” and “Why is wine coverage in newspapers and magazines shrinking rather than growing?” Stated simply, these are the […]