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What do US microbreweries have in common with UK "indie" wine retailers?

Of the many disputes in which I find myself over the state of the wine world, many come down to the difference between the view from my window and the view the other person sees when they look out of theirs. I say, for instance, that most people aren’t very interested in wine, or – […]

A personal view from the Digital Wine Communications Conference

On my way to the Digital Wine Communications Conference (DWCC) in Rioja, and noticing the reactions to the responses I recently gave to Jamie Goode’s manifesto, I thought it might be worth explaining why my views are so at odds with Jamie’s, and those of a lot of other wine communicators. Some people I’m sure, imagine that I’m simply […]

Variety v varietal, the Daily Mail and the deck chairs on the Titanic

In Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, the  Blefuscudians favoured opening their soft-boiled eggs at the big end, while the Lilliputians preferred the little end. Or was it the other way round? All that matters is that the choice of end really mattered sufficiently to the leaders of these countries for them to go to war over it. […]

No more Getting Wood – what happened when the wine industry gave up using barrels…

A whimsical piece of satire that originally appeared – and was commissioned for – The concrete “eggs” that have replaced wooden barrels.Credit: Sonoma Cast Stone The ISPB – International Society for the Protection of Birds – announced yesterday that it was supporting the  “Get Wood” campaign recently launched by France’s leading barrel-making organisation FAT – the Fédération Artisanale […]

A wine manifesto – and a personal response.

I thought that you’d like what I like. Sorry, my dear.” (Stephen Sondheim – Send in the Clowns) Jamie Goode, the highly respected brains behind has published a manifesto which I have taken the liberty of reprinting and responding to here. Manifestos, by their very nature, are statements of belief that invite argument. In my experience, they […]