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Follow up thoughts on wine tv.

I’m a vegetarian. Why aren’t there more vegetarian cooking TV programmes for people like me and my fellow vegetarians?I love ballet. So do lots of my friends. Why don’t the TV companies put on more dance programmes for us?I’m a beer fanatic. I’m sick and tired of the BBC not broadcasting shows about serious ales. […]

Why men holding their rods or pulling their corks does not make good television…

Knut Ekval 1843-1912, The Fisherman and The Siren (The kind of fishing programme that might get an audience) To the Controller of BBC2. Dear Sir, It may have escaped your notice, but fishing has rather a large following in the UK. In fact, it is this country’s most popular participation sport, according to a 2004 report […]

Wine on TV: a challenge

Among the many people who stand in the dock accused of conspiring against wine (alongside doctors, governments, supermarkets etc) there are, of course, the media. Newspaper publishers don’t give wine the coverage it deserves; tv cos don’t commission wine programmes. Collectively, all these negative forces are, apparently, depriving an eager audience of the wine material […]

inspiration v aspiration; thoughts on the yawning gap between the US and UK wine markets

“Part of [the] job of [the] critic [is] to inspire people”. Tim Atkin’s tweeted comment is not one with which most people would disagree. But the comment begs a little analysis. Does it matter how many or how few people one inspires? Is it enough for a critic to say that he or she has […]

50 Shades of Prejudice… A tongue-in-cheek response to Tim Atkin’s attack of apothicaphobia

There’s a very good reason why China is not a democracy, why Putin rules Russia with an iron fist – sorry, “hand” –  and why India still favours arranged marriages. Left to their own devices, people simply get it wrong. They choose the wrong husbands and wives; they read the wrong books; watch the wrong […]

Wine truisms – or are they?

A collection of “wine truisms” from ‘Natural” wine specialists, les Caves de Pyrene… And my answers. Click here or on the image above to go to the original – and the comments with which I agreed…  Robert Joseph November 1, 2013 at 1:58 pm A few hastily penned responses… Everything else I agree with 100% -The […]