Why the wine industry is stupid – down-to-earth thinking about the way we package wine

A brief slideshow

My perceptive friend, Damien Wilson (@WineBusProf) of the Burgundy School of Business, responded to this slideshow with the following piece on forbes.com, the link to which was posted on Twitter by Johan Burger @johanhburger.

I agree with Damien that there are lessons to be learned here by the industry.



  1. or, why every other industry is stupid, except wine.

  2. @theleggalamb · ·

    2000+ Bordeaux AC producers. Consumer needs to know good producers and character of each vintage to buy well. Beer is easier

  3. @enotikova · ·

    If glass is traditional for all wines in the appelacion, why should producer of the cheapest one use another packaging option?

  4. @gilescooke · ·

    we both agree on this one- even something as basic as bread does it more effectively. Needs a major retailer on-side

  5. @rayoconnorwine · ·

    Enjoyed the show Roberto, but plenty of the Oz Wine Industry are beyond broke & have packed it in. New Gen + boutique = future

  6. I don't think the problems engendered by a strong currency and not always brilliant management undermines my argument. Both the US and Australian markets proportionally sell much more premium wine than the UK – and key European markets

  7. Fair question, but many of these producers struggle to survive financially.

  8. Both easier and less feared by consumers – and mostly more profitable for the producers.

  9. Sounds like a characteristic response from the wine industry – and, if I may say so, not precisely an example of its intelligence.

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