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Turning the tables – or getting rid of them. And a little idea to help wine sales staff

The 2014 London Australia Day Tasting Yesterday’s Australia Day Tasting was a tremendous success – with the kind of buzz I haven’t seen at many recent generic events. But there was, if I may say so, still something wrong with it, and it was the same thing that I reckon is wrong with almost every […]

Two Faces of Veuve Clicquot

While busily struggling to hit deadlines on a couple of projects, I could not help noticing two tweets out of the corner of my eye. Both related to Veuve Clicquot. First was a Drinks Business piece describing how the Champagne house was hounding a small Italian sparkling wine producer that had the temerity of using […]

In praise of second cheapest wine.

This is (one of the kinds of things I find) funny For all those people who hated Hosemaster, here’s an alternative smile-raiser (recommended to me by Veronica Xu). .

Being offensive… A humorous challenge…

My online support for the recent Hosemaster post has engendered a lot of chatter. Here’s my take on the fallout. A lot of people (to judge by the retweets, traffic to the Hosemaster and my sites, and comments) loved it. (Those same people will almost certainly also enjoy his current offering on in which […]

No humour please – we’re wine lovers

A few days ago, one of the best US wine bloggers Steve Heimoff said in one of his posts, that the wine world needs more humour. Within 24 hours of that call, I found myself reading one of Hosemaster – aka Ron Washam’s – latest pieces.Now, I’d have to admit that Hosemaster, like his countryman […]

How a tiny producer hit the Youtube jackpot by telling people how to remove a cork with their shoe

Stephen Cronk owner of Mirabeau Wine in Provence, is quite a keen social media user. One of the first successful participants in Winestars World, he has 1,871 followers on Twitter and – since this weekend – 6,500 Likes on Facebook. He has also produced 223 Youtube clips on a wide range of subjects – from […]

So you want to write a wine book….

Essence of Wine Jura Wine So, you think you’ve something to say about wine and you’d like to write a book. You’ve tried contacting a few publishers and you might even have attempted to find an agent. All to no avail.Or maybe you did find a publisher who said they might be interested in your […]