Multi-dimensional wine on a budget?

Dear Robert,  I’ve had a query from the son of a friend of mine who wants to know a high quality wine to buy for about €8. He’s interested in red wines that are multi-dimensional – he tasted a wine I took to his mother’s place for dinner, not realising that it cost about €40. I’m going to suggest Rhône. Any other suggestions?

I received this query this morning. My immediate responses were to agree wholeheartedly regarding the Rhône, to add Languedoc to his list, to say that Bordeaux is generally NOT the place to look – and to say that, maybe for real “multi-dimensional” qualities, he may need to spend a little more than €8 (though not necessarily €40).

I’d be interested in how other people would have answered the question…


  1. Anonymous · ·

    I can’t disagree with your suggestions, Rhône and the South of France deliver some really good wines at under a tenner. Italy and Iberia wold be on my list too.

  2. Thanks Godfrey. I posted it to see what other people thought, so I appreciate your input.

  3. Hi Robert – I trust you are well Sir? I would have said something around the £10-£13 mark, and agree that Claret is not the one to attempt. I have always had a trust in Faugeres as it offers great bang for your buck. Cahors sometimes gets it very right as well in that price band.

  4. Anonymous · ·

    Well Robert, the wines we tasted together from Stobi Winery in Gradsko R.Macedonia during Mundusvini are all in the € 8,00 range and under. (They were recently introduced in U.K. by 3 man wines?)
    That also counts for the wines from Plantaze.
    Montenegro. (Distrib. Wine Society)
    I like to call them wines from “the new old world”

  5. For that price, always look for a blend never a single variety. At the lower end of red wines 1+1 (at least) always seems to add up to more than 2.

  6. at that price point, blends, hence why Rhone works so well. 1+1 often equals more than 2 with red wine blends at the sub-£15 level I think.

  7. Matthew Hudson · ·

    Specifically I would choose Minervois la Liviniere or Grignan Les Adhémar.

  8. Thanks Dich. I like Faugeres too, though have had less joy with Cahors.

  9. I agree re both, but how multi-dimensional are they really?

  10. A very good point about blends, I reckon.

  11. Some good wines, I agree. How multi-dimensional are they, though?

  12. Bobby Chandra · ·

    Cru Bojo? Loire(Chinon, Bourgueil)? I still think you'll struggle to find good wines from there in the UK for 8 euro equivalent, but perhaps cellar door

  13. Thanks Bobby – the query came from Europe.

  14. Daniel Chia · ·

    Tough to find something really good in the 8 euro category if he was in any major/capital city in Northern/Central Europe… I'd say Spain, Portugal, Italy as most likely sources…

  15. Jamie Goode · ·

    so many wines – spain, portugal, italy, Languedoc all have good wines 8 Euros cellar door/mail order – not UK retail though

  16. Jonathan Hesford · ·

    I'd obviously suggest my own Three Peaks. It's a serious wine that sells for 8,50€. But there are several others in the Roussillon who would fit the bill as well. Most of these for example …

  17. Sorry Jonathan, I didn't mean to omit Roussillon when I said “Languedoc”…

  18. Thanks Daniel – you're one of the first to question the reality of finding truly “multi-dimensional” wine at that price.

  19. Alan March · ·

    Then again Robert I have paid a lot more for a bottle and had single dimension at best and sometimes a dimension I wish I'd never explored. I'm biased so Languedoc-Roussillon gets another vote. Portugal and Spanish whites too

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