In praise of second cheapest wine.

This is (one of the kinds of things I find) funny

For all those people who hated Hosemaster, here’s an alternative smile-raiser (recommended to me by Veronica Xu).



  1. very funny Robert.
    'yep..its wine' is a comment I am sure lots of people think at that awkward moment in a restaurant!

    The 'Cheapest wine' bottle right at the end looked very Australian and familiar!

  2. Mike Paul · ·

    I enjoyed this Robert very much. It applies to so many categories. I bought a dishwasher recently and as the sales person could not convince me that the premiums for the well known branded dishwashers were justified by any facets ( or should I say 'knobs' ) relevant to me I went for the cheapest. I was roundly castigated by a friend ( who I ought should know better being marketing trained ) for not at least going for the second cheapest

  3. Interestingly, the “it's wine” is a line used by Michael McIntyre in his very funny sketch about buying wine in a restaurant. (

  4. Jaime, thank you! I love it.

  5. I'm getting more aspirational: “Second most expensive”.

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