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Michael Cox RIP

Michael Cox receiving the Order of Merit, the country’s highest honour, from President Sebastian Piñera, in 2010  Many of the people who read this will have personally known Michael Cox ; some may not. For those outside the UK wine trade, Michael who died last week way before his time, was as others have said, one of the […]

Venus, Mars and wine

The words “female-focused marketing” are wonderfully incendiary – at least to some women and a smaller number of men who want to believe that males and females come from the same planet. The very notion of targeting one sex rather than the other is thought to be demeaning and likely to lead to further gender […]

For the the (thirsty) wine (and Coke) lover who has everything

Most news stories about glasses tend to be about Riedel*, so it’s refreshing to hear of one that isn’t. And this is a genuinely innovative product: the glass that enables you to drink a whole bottle all by yourself. Brought to us by the Stanger-to-Moderation company (okay I made that up) this is something I’m […]

Never on a Sunday.

This is a new version of a previous post that included direct quotes from the winemaker to whom I refer. While I took pains to ensure that his identity would not be apparent to any reader, I respect his objection to my quoting his words. I still believe the subject to be of interest, however, […]

More alcohol please

For the full story, published by wine-searcher, click here One of the classic lines used about consumers by wine professionals is that they “talk dry but drink sweet”. There’s plenty of truth in that – as the growing popularity of “fruity” wines with 10g/l or so of sugar amply proves. But I’d like to suggest […]

Suppose they gave a Bordeaux en primeur party and np-one came?

  Two no-shows for the 2013en primeur campaign. (Parker  will review the wines, but two months later than usual). Two months ago, I wrote a post mischievously suggesting that Bordeaux might either not have an en primeur campaign at all – or not much of one. Well, predictably enough, it looks as though the annual bit of […]

What’s in a name? What have Ch Lafite & a giant Aussie supermarket got in common?

Two similar stories from opposite sides of the globe. In France the team at Chateau Lafite is doing its legal best to stop Chateau Lafitte from using its brand in China. To be fair, the Rothschild-owned property can claim to have been using its brand since 1234, while Lafitte is a young upstart: it has only just […]