Chloe – one of the future faces of wine

Look at this advertisement carefully. It’s in pages aimed squarely at a female readership and might easily be for a scent or jewelry – especially given the Chloe brand name. But, as the bottles on the right of the picture reveal, this particular Chloe has nothing to do with the fashion label of the same name, and is all about wine. There are a red and white from California and a Pinot Grigio from Italy.

All are fairly highly-priced, as this screenshot from California retailer Total Wine & More shows. Elsewhere, tax pushes the price up to $17.99.

I personally love the disruptive quality of a brand that sits happily alongside Cupcake and and Little Black Dress, but goes one stage further. Others – wine purists – will more than likely feel differently. But they aren’t the target market for Chloe, so I doubt anyone at the Wine Group – Chloe’s creators – will be too bothered about what they think.

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