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Does fine shiraz cause amnesia?

Australian wine lovers have become very concerned over reports that consumption of old, high quality Shiraz may be linked to severe amnesia. Attention was drawn to the risk when it was revealed  that Barry O’Farrell, state premier of New South Wales claimed that he was unable to recall receiving a gift of the AU$3,000 bottle […]

Why I didn’t go to taste en primeur…

A number of people have asked why I did not go to Bordeaux this year to taste the 2013 vintage en primeur. There are two good reasons why I ought to have gone – as a number of my friends did. First, there’s the journalistic/intellectual angle. Surely I should have wanted to taste the wines for myself, especially […]

Paranoia in Bordeaux Part 2: Twitterphobia

Q. What do the chateau owners of Bordeaux have in common with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the prime minister of Turkey? A. Like him, they – or at least a fair number of them – fear and hate… Twitter. Until quite recently, the Bordelais made use of fairly straightforward lines of communication when they wanted to tell the […]

Paranoia in Bordeaux

Early this morning, Maria Miller, a British government minister, finally bowed to the inevitable and resigned. A politician who had been vocal in calling for transparency over members of parliament’s expenses in 2009 had been been found to have over-claimed £5,600 or £45,000 (depending on who’s counting) more in her own expenses. For several days before she accepted […]