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Who judges the judges? More thoughts on wine competitions

We are living in – as the Chinese might say – electorally interesting times. India has just collectively decided to hand its governance to Narendra Modi who is variously described as the subcontinent’s economic great white hope – its Margaret Thatcher – and a man who, as chief minister of Gujurat, has been accused of initiating and condoning the […]

What’s the point of wine competitions?

Picture by Tim Atkin Wine competitions are the worst way to identify the world’s best wines. Apart from all the others that have been tried. I make no excuse for mangling Churchill’s famous quote about democracy and using it here because the process of getting a group of people to blind taste a series of […]

The socialist republic of wine

A hundred years ago – well maybe 20 – when I was still co-chair of the International Wine Challenge (IWC) the then buyer of the UK retail chain Thresher rounded on me, saying that the problem with the IWC was that it only existed as a means for the company organising it to make money. […]

More thoughts on Wine Tourism

A(nother) article and brief interview covering my presentation about wine tourism in South Africa. Robert Joseph the Creationist   (A punning headline that is explained in the first three paragraphs). 15 May 2014 – by – Jonathan Snashall  send to a friend  email author “You are in the entertainment business” Robert Joseph told 140 attendees at the Great […]

Time for the electronic nose – a way to fight the fakers

Calling all inventors. If there’s anyone out there who can come up with a convincing project to build an affordable, portable electronic nose that would – with the help of an online database – reliably establish the grape variety/ies, origin, age and cleanliness of a wine, I’ll be the first to chip in some of […]

Why are there no global wine brands? Some thoughts on wine marketing…

An article published on today covering a speech I made to members of the South African wine industry at a Great Wine Capitals event last week.Accept that wine is a commodity, says International Wine Commentator  There is almost no such thing as a global wine brand that is not fortified and does not have […]

Who is Jony Ive? And why the question matters to the wine industry.

If there’s one thing most wine professionals – the producers, distributors, marketers and critics – seem to believe in, its the value in talking about the winemaker. Consumers, it is assumed are bound to be interested in John or Jean, the person who performed the magic of turning grapes into a pleasant alcoholic beverage. And […]