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What top opinion pollsters don’t know about social media

According to a press release I have just received from Gallup “Americans say Social Media Have Little Sway on Purchases”. A ‘Web and mail study of 18,525 U.S. adults, aged 18 and older,’ apparently discovered that “A clear majority of Americans say social media have no effect at all on their purchasing decisions. Although many companies run […]

Why is en primeur subject to different rules?

Last week, a new Consumer Rights Directive became law across the EU. Apart from limiting the supplement retailers can charge for paying with a credit card and the amount they can make from making unhappy customers wait on premium phone lines while desperately waiting for someone to answer their questions, the directive has doubled the statutory […]

Excellent, Perfect or Fit for purpose?

Image stolen from Two Friars & A Fool,  a blog by a US Presbyterian minister  with whom I reckon – as a confirmed agnostic –  I could enjoy a good conversation.  “The pursuit of excellence…”, “giving it your upmost”, “striving for perfection”… All unarguably admirable idealistic mission statements, but how often are they really relevant […]

Bulk wine, the Appellation system – and how China is changing the game

Aldi Sancerre Can you remember who made the last Chablis, Sancerre, Côtes du Rhône or Chianti you drank outside your home? As a reader of this post – and thus someone with at least a passing interest in wine – maybe you can, but I’ll bet most ordinary consumers would have a hard time naming […]

London gets its mojo back

Way back in March 2012, I wrote a post called “Last Chance to Save the London International Wine Fair“. It was one of the most widely read and discussed pieces I penned at the time and elicited a wide range of mostly positive responses. Among these, incidentally, was one from Catherine Monahan that questioned why […]

Of Coke, Hendricks Gin, Wine and Happiness

You may like Coke or hate it. You may believe its’s a sugary confection concocted by the devil expressly for the corruption (and obesity and tooth decay) of young souls – or a brilliantly balanced, refreshing beverage that does not actually owe its global ubiquity to luck, memorable packaging and a big marketing budget. I […]