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Drinking the Kool Aid

From  Every so often, somebody gives me a phrase I really can’t let go of. UK-born PR person, Louise Hurren, who earns most of her living by helping small Languedoc producers gain some kind of visibility outside their region, did precisely that when she used the expression “I guess I must have drunk the […]

Sackbuts and Sauvignons – why ancient isn’t enough

Curious ad, by courtesy of “Tom” on Flickriver What kind of music do you most enjoy listening to? Do bagpipes, sackbuts and recorders feature heavily? Do you drink much mead? Do you wear wooden clogs? A few of my multitude of readers across the globe may have a positive answer to at least one of […]

Why oh why no WiFi?- an open letter to hotels across the globe

Cartoon from Rottenwifi is an apparently useful app I discovered after writing this post. Dear hoteliers,I know from my own experience of trying to run an office and home that maintaining a WiFi – or indeed any internet – service that works reliably, consistently and at a good speed isn’t easy. And I understand the challenges […]

When 15% may not even be enough…

The old vine Mallorcanwine that helped memake it through thenight. What do you do when you are alone in foreign land and you’re trying to make sense of the fact that, a few hours earlier, you’ve watched a coffin containing your mother’s body slide into a crematorium furnace? This, as you may have guessed, isn’t […]

Who really made money out of Rudy Kurniawan’s fake wine?

… A key question for many fine wine collectors now is where the rest of Kurniawan’s fakes are lurking. Some information may yet emerge from billionaire collector Bill Koch, who bought many wines off Kurniawan. The Indonesian has agreed to pay Koch $3m in damages and tell ‘everything he knows’ as part of an out-of-court […]

Knowing what’s good for you

For the better part of 25 years of my professional life, I firmly believed that my notion of a ‘good’ and a less good wine mattered rather a lot. I was bolstered in this belief by newspaper, magazine and book publishers who payed me to express my views on paper, and by the astonishing success […]