Monthly Archives: February 2015

Why the wine world is like a Monopoly board

Patricia Arquette is making headlines over wage inequality; best-selling books analyse the growing gap between rich and poor… Online wine forum members rail against the unaffordability of top Bordeaux and Burgundy, and the madness of Napa. It all puts me in mind of my nine year-old’s favourite board game. The brilliance of Monopoly lies in the varying values and earning […]

Real People v Wine People – Wine v Football: a wine pro speaks

Anyone who has followed my writing over the years will be familiar with my repeated mantra that people who have been bitten by the wine bug dramatically overestimate others’ interest in wine. I go on repeating the mantra because I truly believe that this widespread delusion is a huge handicap for the wine industry: if you mistakenly […]

Thinking outside the (wine) box.

I’d love to hear [people’s] thoughts on… Books For Wine Communicators (That Are Not About Wine)… The challenge was presented to Facebook group by Cathy Huyghe who had listed eight such books in one of her regular contributions to Forbes. The ‘Not About Wine’ caught my attention because I’m often frustrated at the narrowness of mind shown by wine professionals. Wine, they contend, […]

Why wine on TV and Youtube is like rugby stars making after dinner speeches

I thought that you’d want what I want. Sorry my dear… Send in the Clowns. Stephen Sondheim Over the years, I’ve been at a number of wine competition awards presentations and similar wine events in London at which the after-dinner speech was presented to a multinational audience by a famous sports personality. On every occasion, I found […]