Ok, first things first. Crimea is legally part of Ukraine and Ukraine is not part of Russia. And, speaking as someone who has both just read Sebastian Haffner’s Defying Hitler, a brilliant, blood-chilling contemporary account of the apparently inexorable rise of the Nazis in the 1930s, and had a number of very worrying illiberal conversations with […]

The famous Dr Who Tardis. Most wine producers seem to imagine that retailers’ shelves and store-rooms are miraculous places that resemble the Tardis in Dr Who. For those unfamiliar with this UK cult BBC TV series, the Tardis resembles an old British police box used by the eponymous hero to travel in time and space. […]

I’m often struck by other people’s – especially wine people’s – difficulty in coming to terms with the way I think. Why, they wonder, do I always have to bang on about all the things I think are wrong with the status quo? Leafing through this week’s Financial Times, I was surprised and delighted to […]

Like 99.9999% of the rest of my fellow human beings, I have no idea how Google gets the numbers it does on its ‘results’, but I have to say that the idea of three hundred million sites sharing “sex and shopping” does strike me as a little strange. How and why did a pairing of […]

Poster by Viktor Hertz Time and money are both rather peculiar. They each share the odd quality of being simultaneously absolute and relative. Anyone who has ever lacked the means to pay a bill, or the time to complete a task, knows all about the implacability of an empty wallet or vacant top half of […]

A small – or possibly fairly sizeable – bomb may be about to explode in the heart of UK retailing. In the wake of the revelation that Tesco, the country’s biggest grocer, had overstated its latest profit warning by a cool £250m and the reported suspension of several of its top executives, there is a […]

From strangecult.com  Every so often, somebody gives me a phrase I really can’t let go of. UK-born PR person, Louise Hurren, who earns most of her living by helping small Languedoc producers gain some kind of visibility outside their region, did precisely that when she used the expression “I guess I must have drunk the […]